Get the Go Camping Logo on Land’s End Merchandise

April 13, 2016

Visit to have the Camp and Retreat Ministries logo embroidered on any number of clothing or other items that Land’s End offers.  You can order one piece at a time, in the size and color you wish.  There is also an option to vary the colors of embroidery threads to be better visible on the material you choose (you could even choose pink, purple and orange!). The National Camp and Retreat logo is also available.  The logo fee is typically about $6.00 in addition to the price of the clothing article, but often coupon codes can be found with an online search that may eliminate this or the shipping charge. 
We hoped to offer the logo merchandise through a local company like Columbia, but were unable find someone that offered the broad options and one-off capability that Land’s End does.
We receive no income from the sale of the items, but you get the pleasure of wearing the Camp and Retreat Ministries logo proudly, and help to spread the word about these important ministries. Perhaps we’ll see some of you sporting the logos at Annual Conference or at camp this summer!

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